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The aerial vehicle from Star wars, ¡It’s real!

5 de junio 2015

A group of hungarian engineers are coming close to creating a commercial model of a “flying bike” Star Wars style, awesome right?

The Star Wars saga has caused a lot of stir on social networks and once more it’s become a trending topic by creating technology, that until this day we thought it would only be part of the wonder of movies; of that science fiction that always caught our attention while on the big screen and that leave us astonished with the expectation of what could be created in the future. Well that future has arrived, due to engineers, programmers and others working to make a reality the dream of many Star Wars fans, thanks to a team of hungarians who created a prototype of an “aerial vehicle”, which has been proven to be a success.

The Tandem Duct Aerial Vehicle, can remain a minute and half, a few meters above the floor, lifting up to 462 lbs.

During a flying test, it showed its capacity of maneuvering through the air, resisting the wind. The vehicle disposes of 6 matching rotors, activated by electrical engines who are individually distributed between the frontal and back part of the vehicle to balance it out.

The energy of the engines are supplied by lithium polymer batteries, that last from 15-20 minutes for a stationary flight and 30-40 minutes for a cruising flight.

You can watch the video of the prototype in the following link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3r0Od7HStY

This innovating flying machine, isn’t suitable for people who suffer from vertigo because it can be controlled voluntarily, measuring velocity and maneuvering the takeoff and landing of it.

On the other hand, the vehicle has been developed by specialist of the Bay Zoltan Investigation Institute, and are looking to get sponsored by the Hungarian Government, to reach its primary goal, developing a commercial model to be delivered approximately for mid 2016, which will revolutionize the motorcycle market as we currently know it.speeder-bike-74-z-moto-voladora-star-wars

 Its creators maintain that it will be easy to drive, thanks to a flying managing computer, and that will count with an emergency system to rise in case one of its engines fails, making security one less thing to worry about.

Let’s keep an eye to the advances and creations of other artefacts based on fictional, innovate and recreate things that leave us amazed.

Other interest related to Star Wars, you can check out some Star Wars bikes on the following link: https://xn--oo-yjab.cl/motos-voladoras-o-speeders-bike/

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