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Your packages travel safe with us

8 de mayo 2014

In Liberty Express we are well known as guardians of your recet adquired products.
We’re security agents and we take care of your products as they were ours. We offer you best insurance in shipping services.
We cover the amount in the receipt in the original currency of your country on condition that you have pre alerted us.
If for any reason we declare your package as lost or damaged, we’ll be thankful if you send us the purchase order.
We also respond for the lost or stolen guide numbers.
If you package wasn’t quite well pack up, you should complain about it directly with your supplier. We also respond for damaged packages that had been well pack up.
In case you choose a different service courrier to take your products from our offices here to your home, we aren’t responsibles of any damage when the product leaves our offices.
Remember to check you package and product in our offices before you leave, so when you decide to claim lost or damage, we can take your claim.
We pay your claim in 30 working days with its purchase order. We take 10 working days to investigate process of stolen packages.
There are always some situations and context that we can not control such as:
Mother nature circumstances: Natural disasters, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, cyclones, winds, storms, lightnings and other natural events of catastrophic magnitude.
Action movies real scenarios like: explosions, fire not caused by the carrier, pirates, detention, seizure, carrier oversight, riots or civil disturbance, salvage, navigability faults of vessel, terrorism, electric or magnetic damages, nuclear fission or nuclear fusion, ion radiation, radioactive pollution, guerrilla wars, civil wars, usurpation, invasion, foreign enemies acts, hostilities or war operations, Martial Law, state of siege, strikes.
And other less theatrical events such as quarantine, strikes or work holdup, inadequate packing (not done by our staff), marks flaws, ban of imports.
Warsaw convention is going to be applied for those cases where shipping covers stops in different countries.
Trust our shipping services. Please write us to our social networks in case of doubt.