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You must know: What is the PRE-ALERT?

14 de mayo 2014

If you do the Pre-Alert, you warns us that already your package goes in way to our office in United States. In addition, you will do that the customs processes and taxes are much more rapid and easy.


It’s so easy, Only you must browse in our web site and click in the Pre-Alert to prevent your packages getting lost or coming late. You must accede to our web site with your e-mail and password of Liberty Express.


You Pre-Alert helps us to give you the attention that you deserve and It offers to our operative personnel all the information necessary for the turnover processes of you products. This service guarantees the movement of you packages with total safety, since they come to our store in Medley up to its country of destination, ready for it to deliver in your hands.


When you having done a purchase in a Online store as Amazon.com, they accept you order, check the information of the payment and charge the coast in your credit card. Then, the Online store sends you an e-mail with all the information of your buy and the tracking number.


Generally, you will have to wait for a second e-mail with all the information that you need to do your Pre-Alert. An important information that they will say to you by this e-mail is who will be the courrier that move your package from the Online storehouse to our store in United States. This information is necessary in the moment you must do the Pre-Alert of your package.


With this two e-mails, you can do the Pre-Alert of your package.


Enters to our web page www.libertyexpress.com, chose your country, iniatates session with your e-mail and password and bundle click in the section of Pre-Alert. Remembers to do the Pre-Alert when you have the information of the purchase and the sending, before your package comes to our warehouse in Medley.