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Why is your receipt important?

31 de marzo 2014

A receipt is more than a paper that sellers give you when you buy something or pay for a service. It has all the information required for accounting processes that might be done by an individual or a company. This document also has detailed information about the operation, dates, quantity and amount payable for the product(s).
When you buy online from a different country than the country’s online store, you’ll need a shipping service. Once you had hired the service, it’s important that the online store is clear about the address of the shipping service and use it.
The receipt also confirms you as the owner of the product or service you just purchased. It stands as the legal verifiable confirmation of the selling-buying operation, including the corresponding cost. Besides it is mandatory that every purchase come with its respective receipt in order to pass the nationalisation process.
In Venezuela its also mandatory so pay the move so the package (up to 100$) can go through the nationalisation process. In the case of Domenican Republic, cargos under 200$, wont need taxes or custom duties, if and when the Custom verifies real value of the package.

On the other hand, its not necessary for you to send us the receipt if we don’t ask for it, just for security reasons.
If the package box sent to the Liberty Express office in USA, doesn’t come with the receipt, because the seller didn’t include it, then you need to sign in to your user account and upload the receipt in digital version (.jpg, .png or .pdf).
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