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What’s a tracking number and why is it for?

31 de marzo 2014

The tracking number helps you to be informed about the status of your package. With it you can know where is your delivery. The sellers should assing your package a number so that you and they can see the shipping advance till it arrives to destination point.
All shipping companies in the United States assing from 10 to 15 numbers for the tracking of the deliveries. This is pretty useful when it comes to buyers who want to be informed about where is located their products, who received them and at what time.
With the incorporation of new technologies at the moment in modern society, to track number your package from mobile advices like smartphones or tablets. Thanks to the great advances in GPS its easy to know where your goods are.
As soon as you buy online on any store of the United States, you’ll recieve a confirmation email with purchase detailes, tracking number included. Remember that this number will be useful when you pre-alert us your package, this way we can prevent any defects on your delivery.
Once your package is in the hands of Liberty Express, you shouldn’t be worried, its secured with us. From then on we will keep you informed of the delivery advance, since it arrives to our offices in EEUU to our offices in Costa Rica, in order to give it to you then.
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