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Tips for ONLINE buying

31 de marzo 2014

If its your first time buying at an online store, and you aren’t familiar with it, we have some advices that will help you and hopefully will avoid any misunderstanding. If you have already purchased products online, then these advices will help you make online shopping even easier.
First, when you log in into a website to buy something, don’t do it from a link sent by email or a different web page. Many times, fake emails are sent to direct buyers to fraudulent sites. To avoid this kind of incidents, its better to type from your keyboard, the name of the store on your favorite search engine (ex. Google, Yahoo, Bing).
Then, in order to be sure about your purchase, verify the reputation and the number of positive votes that the product and the seller have. As long as the positive starring is bigger, then the posibility of the seller, being trust worthy and that it won’t be problems with your purchase is better.
When it’s time to pay the products you selected and time to insert your banking information, the web address should chage from http to https, to indicate that you’re entering a secured area, where your information is protected.
Even though you’re completely sure about being on a genuine web site, don’t stop being alert when introducing your credit card information. Verify that your computer isn’t infected by viruses or malwares that could recollect passwords and credit card’s numbers.
Finally, once you made your payment, the seller should proceed to send your products. You should keep the tracking number, so that you have centainty of it. With the tracking number you can see the status of your delivery, if its no longer at the sellers storehouse, if its on its way, if its at the Customs, etc.
We hope these tips are useful for you when online shopping. If you have any doubts please comment on our social networks or writes us an email, we’ll be pleased to answer.