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These are the products that we won’t be able to deliver:

banned sticker
31 de marzo 2014

In every commercial activity, there’s regulations and restrictions to avoid any harm to the eviroment and society. It’s because of this that the international organisms had created global regulations to safeguard everybody’s welfare.
According to deliveries, it’s important that you know which articles you can’t bring with us. Not everyone is forbidden, some of these products need special paperwork in some countries. These are the articles:
Pornographic material
Narcotic and psychotropic substances
Gas cylinders (empty or full)
Bladed weapons
Compressed Gas
Alive or dead animals
Military-purposed clothing
Cash, traveler’s checks
Liquid and dangerous Chemical products
Furs, or fur products
Compost or fertilizers
Hallucinogenic products
Security elements (surveillance cameras, systems of Closed Circuit TV)
Clothing, Shoes or Perfumes in upper quantities than 3 pieces per box